The company

Who are we?

Numscale is an innovative company located at the Plateau de Saclay (European Silicone Valley) that provides software solutions for high performance computing and complex systems.

Numscale also offers its expertise in the form of services related to various businesses such as automotive sector, space, rail, finance, telecoms, aeronautics, defence…


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Software solutions

Numscale engineers write software solutions for numerical computation.

  • Low-level libraries containing basic building blocks for scientific computations (trigonometric functions, FFTs…)
  • Software that allows the exploration and the development of new algorithms in Python and that facilitate their translations towards low level languages in C/C++.


Numscale for developers

Services and training

Numscale assists you in the design, feasibility study, development, optimisation and industrialisation of your softwares. Our expertise lies in various business areas as well as in the entire software development chain and includes knowledge of processors and computation architectures.

Moreover, Numscale is a training organisation. Our trainings are centered around C++ and its application in various fields (HPC, GPU).

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NSIMD: our computation library

Create your neural networks, image processing, vision and numerical simulations with NSIMD!

NSIMD is the upgrade of bSIMD. It was especially designed to allow developers to exploit the maximum power of processors at a low cost.

It is a low-level C/C++ library that allows you to develop your business algorithms by taking advantage of vectorization in a simple and portable way. This allows you to obtain an acceleration factor of up to 64 in some cases by processors core without resorting to the use of more advanced techniques.

Numscale for developers

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Core business

Our main goal is to provide direct access to the hardware in a simple way in order to reach execution times divided by a factor of 2 to 64 per processor core in some cases. More precisely we offer you to:

  • Prescind the functioning of the architecture.
  • Enable software authors to reach the hardware's full potential.
  • Simplify the use, portability and upgradeability of the code for better durability.

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Numscale guides its customers in the realisation of their software solutions in order to make them move up from their prototype states to industrial production. Our areas of expertise are:

  • Vectorization (ARM, PowerPC, Intel, AMD).
  • GPGPU (CUDA, OpenCL).
  • Distributed computing (MPI).
  • Embedded software (aéronautique, ferroviaire, automobile, …).
  • Programming langages: C, C++, Fortran, Python, C#, MATLAB, …
  • On Linux and Windows.

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Areas of operation

We work in all business areas that require computations. This basis is found in many areas such as:

  • Image processing,
  • Predictive maintenance,
  • Machine learning,
  • Real time,
  • Complex systems.

It comes in several forms:

  • Porting source code from a programming language to another.
  • Modernization and redesign of source code.
  • Diagnositcs and optimizations of existing software.
  • Creation of custom software.

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